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Who Is Hanwei Paul Chen? would like to give you a brief story of just who Hanwei Paul Chen is, and where it came from. Hanwei started with a man by the name of Paul Chen. Paul was born and raised in Taiwan. While in his youth Paul developed a passion for knives, and swords, more especially the Samurai Sword.

Due to the high costs of custom made pieces, and especially the antiques, Paul developed his passion into a quest. He took his passion and pursued an education into the making of knives and swords, and here is where he started to perfect his custom designs and concepts. Paul gained a reputation quite quickly due to his unique designs, and since has enjoyed great success in Asia, and in the United States of America.

When demand for his swords and knives began to really take flight, he picked up and moved to Dailan, China which is known as the “Steel City” in northern China in 1991. Here he decided to become a full time manufacturer. Paul knew that by moving to Dailan that he would be able to find and employ talented artisans who could be trained as first class sword and knife makers and bring life to the designs that he dreamed of.

For his initial start his main source of business was making knives and components for major knife companies until 1993 when he was ready to raise the bar on modern sword, and knife making and embark upon his new adventure to supply the world with his very own concepts. He formed what is known as the Dailan Hanwei Metal Co. Ltd.

Now as a lot of us know, the Hanwei Paul Chen forge has provided us with some of the most fantastic Samurai Swords out there. The effort that goes behind just a single sword out of Paul Chens forge is incredible. The company has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in the construction and metallurgical techniques necessary for making quality swords, and knives of the highest caliber. This wealth of knowledge was gained mostly in part by a little know fact about Hanwei Paul Chen. That fact is that a portion of Hanwei Paul Chen Ltd. is dedicated to the restoration of Samurai Swords. They have a facility that is dedicated to the care, and restoration of samurai swords that have been neglected, or discovered by family members on the passing of a loved one who had a samurai sword passed down from masters of old. Some of these swords were damaged and due to the commitment to authenticity and ways of old, Hanwei Paul Chen restored many swords to their previous glory. Through this they were able to harness and grow a vast experience in what it takes to make high quality swords. By employing this knowledge, Paul Chen has been able to provide a consistent quality and authenticity of his own swords.

To this day Hanwei Paul Chens Samurai Swords are regarded as state of the art, and are an unparalled provider of beautifully crafted samurai swords. This level of achievement was pushed even further still in 2002 when Hanwei Paul Chen Ltd. moved into a purpose built facility which focused on the space available to maximize efficiency. Hanwei employs over one hundred employees that produce over six hundred items in the sword, knife, and historical weaponry fields. They also are always developing new concepts and products involving even more complex techniques and advanced metallurgy due to the ever growing technology available today.

To further establish this company, Paul Chen’s son Ron Chen has followed in his father’s footsteps. He has studied under the Japanese legend Yoshindo Yoshihara. He is the driving force of the Tamahagane, and Bainite blades that are being developed by Hanwei. Ron Chen has thus far illustrated his deep appreciation for the art of Japanese sword making and I for one am looking forward to the future of Hanwei Paul Chen.  Take a look at the beautiful swords from Hanwei Paul Chen and add one to your collection today!

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