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Thaitsuki Samurai Swords

 The Thaitsuki Nihonto Samurai Swords are fully functional, Battle Ready Swords.  These Japanese Swords are great for practice, competition, cutting or collecting. All Katana Swords produced by the family run Thaitsuki Forge are all handmade with the highest standards and attention to detail. The Hoso Kumiage Katana Sword is shown to the left (KTN3). Take a look at these Thaitsuki Swords and see the beauty for yourself. Buy yours now and receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE! For your discount, contact us, or sign up on the home page to become Samurai Supply Members!

Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakizashi Sword

WK01 - Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakizashi Sword

Your price: $870.00

Thaitsuki Tonbo Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

S04LE - Thaitsuki Tonbo Sanmai Katana Limited Edition

Your price: $3,100.00

Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Folded Katana

S01 - Thaitsuki Furui Shishi Folded Katana

Your price: $2,299.00

Thaitsuki Roiyaru Folded Katana

S03 - Thaitsuki Roiyaru Folded Katana

Your price: $2,499.00

Thaitsuki Kumori Katana Sword

KTN4 - Thaitsuki Kumori Katana Sword

Your price: $1,200.00

Thaitsuki Isamashii Wakizashi Sword

WK02 - Thaitsuki Isamashii Wakizashi Sword

Your price: $960.00

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