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Bokken Swords

The Bokken offered here at are tools for martial artists and sword practitioners who want to hone their skills without the risk of cutting themselves on a live blade. These wooden blades have been used for centuries by Japanese swordsmen and, more recently, students of the Japanese sword arts around the world. Bokken are made of hardwood, often made of white or red oak. For this reason, bokken should not be used for sparring.

For a sparring blade, see our Red Foam Sparring Bokken. We have several new Bokken available and will be adding to site soon! For Iaido practitioners, the bokken is the first blade used to learn technique. However, even experts use a bokken, as well, when a live blade is unnecessary. In fact, Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary swordsman, used a bokken which he carved out of a boat oar to his most famous duel against Sasaki Kojiro on Ganryu Island.

Black Ninja Bokken

1801 - Black Ninja Bokken

Your price: $18.99

Bokken Wooden Samurai Sword

1802 - Bokken Wooden Samurai Sword

Your price: $16.95

Black Bokken

1802B - Black Bokken

Your price: $18.99

Tiger Training Bokken

1802T - Tiger Training Bokken

Your price: $21.99

Kendo Practice Bokken Sword

1802W - Kendo Practice Bokken Sword

Your price: $24.99

Samurai Bokken Sword

1806 - Samurai Bokken Sword

Your price: $13.99

Dark Samurai Bokken Sword

1806B - Dark Samurai Bokken Sword

Your price: $18.50

Black Wooden Bokken

1806-BK - Black Wooden Bokken

Your price: $17.99

Wooden Training Bokken

1807-BW - Wooden Training Bokken

Your price: $17.99

Black Dragon Bokken Sword

1807D - Black Dragon Bokken Sword

Your price: $14.99

Dragon Wakizashi Bokken Sword

1808D - Dragon Wakizashi Bokken Sword

Your price: $13.95

Practice Bokken

C1802 - Practice Bokken

Your price: $18.99

Black Practice Bokken

C1802B - Black Practice Bokken

Your price: $18.99

Iaido Bokken

SE-550 - Iaido Bokken

Your price: $34.99

Bokken Sword

SE-808 - Bokken Sword

Your price: $22.99



Black Foam Bokken Sword

E411 - Black Foam Bokken Sword

Your price: $20.00

Red Sparring Bokken

E413-R - Red Sparring Bokken

Your price: $20.99

Black Hard Foam Sparring Bokken

SE-3909 - Black Hard Foam Sparring Bokken

Your price: $22.99

Red Foam Sparring Bokken

SE-3924 - Red Foam Sparring Bokken

Your price: $21.99


Jo Staff

1903-5 - Jo Staff

Your price: $20.95



Bokken Swords Testimonials

"I am VERY pleased with the Black Dragon Bokken sword I bought. It was delivered in perfect condition. The carving of this sword is just amazing and it has a great look to it. Thank you! I'll definitely be back!" After purchasing the Bokken 1807D Black Dragon Bokken Sword


Max M.  Ontario, Canada


"I love it! It has a great design, very good looking. What is not to like!" After purchasing the Dragon Wakizashi Bokken Sword 1808D

Anthony P.  Alberta, Canada



The best thing about Bokken Swords is that you can practice without any danger to you or a mate if you are sparring. Check out our Bokken Swords for Training article or our other Sword Articles we have. Don't wait any longer, click on one of the Bokken Swords above and find the best training sword for you, and buy your Bokken Sword today!

 Click here to see a video of Bokken Swords!

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