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Bushido Masakage Katana Sword

MC3052 - Bushido Masakage Katana Sword
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With a blade similar to our Masahiro White Shadow Katana Sword (MAZ014W), this new Bushido Sword is sure to please. Featuring a razor sharp blade with Horimono engravings this Bushido Masakage Katana Sword is in a class all its own.


Bushido Masakage Katana Sword Features:

  • Hand forged with the Japanese Maru technique 

  • Carbon steel blade (Hand sharpened)

  • Fudo Myoo and Dragon Horimono engraved on the blade

  • Green Cotton and rayskin wrapped tsuka (Double pegged)

  • Brown "speckled" wood saya

  • Green Sageo

  • Masakage tsuba

  • Complete with cotton sword bag


Blade: 28", Tsuka: 11.5", Overall: 40.5", Weight: 2.4 Lbs

This Bushido Masakage Katana Sword is on sale for over 25% off the regular price and qualifies for a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!  Purchase this sword now and get an amazing sale price and peace of mind knowing that stands 100% behind their products!

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