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Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Sword

LU011 - Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Sword
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Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Sword Features:

  • Hand forged, Carbon steel blade with Hi (Fully sharpened)

  • Blood red cotton ito and sageo

  • Tsuba displays fuji on one side and a Japanese general on opposite

  • Black lacquered wood saya with red "claw" lacquer

  • Extra long, double pegged Tsuka with authentic black rayskin wrap

  • Comes with wooden display/carry box

  • Sword bag included


Blade: 26 1/2", Handle: 14 1/2", Overall: 44", Weight: 2.3 Lbs 

This Masahiro Elite Fuji Katana Sword is on sale for 35% off the regular price and qualifies for a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!  Purchase this sword now and get an amazing sale price and peace of mind knowing that stands 100% behind their products! 


Customize your sword by adding your own samurai sword tsuba!

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