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Anime Sword

JL590- Anime Sword
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Here is another great Anime Sword for you Anime collectors and lovers. This particular sword has a few unique details that are very interesting. Take for instance the dual tone blade that adds a neat effect when the light hits it, or the oddly shaped tsuba which looks pretty cool. All in all this a great Anime Sword to add to your collection. Get yours now! 

Anime Sword Features: 
  • Dual tone stainless steel blade
  • sharpened
  • green handle wrap with faux black rayskin
  • metal pommel with metal chain ending in horseshoe design
  • metal "4 circle" guard
  • black lacquered wooden scabbard
  • very cool design. 
Measurements: Blade: 27", handle: 11", overall: 39" (not including chain), weight: 1.6 lbs.
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