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Welcome to our glossary of sword terminology. If you are just getting into Samurai Swords and Japanese Swords, you might have some trouble with the terminology used. Words like saya, tsuka, and tsuba might be foreign to you so we have put together this sword glossary to help you understand the meanings to some of the most popular words to describe Samurai Swords and Japanese Swords and some related terms. If you have a term you would like to add, please send it to [email protected]

Japanese Swords and Terminology:

  1. Dojo - A place of training for martial arts
  2. Ha - Cutting edge of the sword
  3. Hamon - Tempered area/line on blade
  4. Hi - Groove on the side of the blade
  5. Jigane - Area between hamon and shinogi
  6. Katana - A Japanese sword with a curved blade used by the Samurai
  7. Kissaki - Tip of the sword
  8. Koshirae - Sword fittings
  9. Monouchi - Cutting area of the ha
  10. Mune - Back edge of the sword
  11. Nakago - Tang (part of blade inside the handle)
  12. Saya - The case which a Katana is sheathed
  13. Scabbard - A sword sheath
  14. Shinogi - Line separating jigane and shinogi ji
  15. Shinogi ji - Area between shinogi and mune
  16. Sori - Curvature of the blade
  17. Tsuba - The guard of a Japanese Katana
  18. Tsuka - The handle of a Japanese Katana

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