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Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Katana Sword
Tora Tsume (SOLD OUT!!!)

TT- B000012 Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Samurai Sword
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TT-B000012 Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Katana SOLD OUT!!!
The Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Katana Sword (TM) is brought to you by Your one Stop Sword Shop. (TM). The name Amatsu Ha translates to Imperial Leaf. We called this sword the Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Samurai Sword (TM) due to the elegant details in the Iron tsuba which boasts detailed leafs around the tsuba with brass accents highlighted the leafy features. The iron fuchi and kashira also match the leaf motif giving a fluid appeal.
On to the meat and potatoes of this beautiful Tora Tsume Amatsu Ha Katana Sword (TM) that will be a wonderful addition to your already awesome collection, or a fantastic new starter sword for the tameshigiri enthusiast. This sword is a 1060 carbon steel folded blade and will start the entry level series of the Tora Tsume (TM) Samurai Sword Collection. The blade is hand polished giving it a beautiful detail and wonderful shine. The tsuka is wrapped with real same and tied with pure Japanese Silk giving it that little bit more of a delicate touch and feel. See below for more details and specifications.
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TT-B000012 Tora Tsume Samurai Sword Features:
  • Folded High 1060 Carbon Steel
  • Hand Polished
  • Beautiful Hada
  • Etched hamon
  • Full bo- hi
  • Iron Fuchi, Kashira, and Tsuba
  • Mixed metal Menuki
  • Real Same
  • Pure silk tsuka ito and sageo
  • Premium wood grip
  • Ox horn saya (scabbard)
  • Premium bamboo mekugi pegs
  • Fully Functional Handmade Sword with razor cutting edge
Measurements: Blade length: 73cm/ 27.1", Blade Size: 9/32", Blade thickness: 1 1/4", Blade width: 9/32" Tsuka: 27cm/ 10.6", Tsuba: 3 1/4", Overall: 104cm/ 40.9", Weight: 1.15kg/ 2.5lbs
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