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Musashi Tenga Katana Sword

SS805 - Musashi Tenga Katana
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SS805BK- Musashi Tenga Katana Sword

Check out the newest and greatest updated Musashi Tenga Katana Sword by Musashi Swords. The Musashi Tenga Katana Sword is a beautiful piece of Samurai Sword artistry which has some very distinct features. The update on this Katana Sword was that some modifications were done to the steel and tempering process that brought this sword from a 57 HRC, to a 58 HRC and an even more brilliant hamon and subtle hada! The Tenga Katana Sword is a hon san mai hand forged blade which is clay tempered and polished to perfection.

The hamon on the Musashi Tenga Katana Sword is very beautiful and striking and ranks up there with some of the best we have seen. To top it all off, the Tenga Katana is very sharp and cuts very well. (No bo hi!) The  Tenga is incredibly well balanced and feel s very good to hold. This Musashi Tenga Katana Sword comes with a certificate of authenticity, a large lined display box, an embroidered sword bag and a full maintenance kit. Check out the video at :

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Musashi Tenga Katana Sword Features:

  •  Hand forged Hon San Mai blade (No Bo Hi)
  • Beautiful and prominent authentic hamon with subtle hada
  • 58HRC (HA) 40HRC (Mune)
  • Brass tsuba, brass fuchi and kashira
  • Cotton wrapped tsuka, and high quality sageo
  • Authentic same
  • High gloss lacquered saya
  • Great Functional Katana
  •  Comes with a certificate of authenticity, a large lined display box, an embroidered sword bag and a full maintenance kit.
Measurements: Blade: 27 3/4", blade size: 1 14", tsuka: 10 1/2", tsuba: 3 1/4", overall: 41", weight: 2.6 lbs.
This Musashi Tenga Katana Sword is on sale for 30% off the regular price and qualifies for a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!  Purchase this Musashi Tenga Katana Sword now and get an amazing sale price and peace of mind knowing that stands 100% behind their products! believes in preserving and protecting our martial arts history and the men and women who contributed so much to it. Go to our partner site: to find out how you can help!





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