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D Gray-man Anime Sword

SS6241 - D Gray-man Anime Sword
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Here are some facts that revolve around this great Anime Sword. This Anime Sword is used by Yu Kanda who is an 18 year old Exorcist in the gothic Anime D.Gray-Man. Kanda has only one personal possession that is very precious to his life. It is his Lotus tattoo that is over his heart. This tattoo is important because it allows Kanda to heal much faster than normal humans. Kanda's weapon is the Mugen which he uses against the Akuma. The blade of the Mugen glows silver when it is activated. The Mugen has three different attacks based on illusion. The Mugen was lost in the fight with Skin Boric.

D. Gray-man Anime Sword Features: Half black half silver stainless steel blade, black matte finish wood handle with white cross paint, black matte finish wood scabbard, comes with black sword bag, great sword for Anime lovers.

Measurements: Blade: 27", handle: 14", overall: 42", weight: 1.7 lbs
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