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Japanese Art "Cliffs of war"
Rare Japanese Art

Retail price: $500.00
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This Samurai Painting screams CHARGE! The battle scene that starts to be depicted here is impressive to say the least. The expressions on the faces show such drama and detail. These Samurai Paintings are from a rare find that Prof. Gary Lee from the Museum of Sport Karate happened to come across, and boy what a find. These Japanese Paintings are still being examined and investigated to see exactly where and what period that they are from. The book that these Japanese Paintings were found in have gold leafing on the pages and a beautiful leather cover with gold clasps. On the opposite page to every single Samurai Painting there is a story all hand written in traditional Japanese that tells the tale of what is happening in the picture. Each page of Samurai Art is signed by the author of not only the written story, but the beautifully executed rare Japanese Art as well.
Prof. Gary Lee sells these re-prints at his several shows that he performs at as well as all of the booths that he has at several venues every single year. These re-prints have sold for over $500 per piece! People literally go nuts over these Rare Japanese Paintings and as you can see from the picture you know why. Prof. Gary Lee has given us here at the honour of having the Exclusive right to sell these re-prints. Check it out. You go to an event where Prof. Gary Lee is and you will pay top dollar. That is just the way it is. However, we have settled and agreed after deliberations that these prints will be sold online for $400 per Japanese Painting. To top this off, we are also going to offer the first five of this set of 60 prints for a package deal of $1500. That is a $500 savings! As always a major portion of the sale from these Rare Japanese Paintings will go to the Museum of Sport Karate in your name!
If you have not done so already, do not forget to sign up on our homepage for our membership which will give you an immediate discount coupon code for savings right now, and a monthly newsletter that includes wonderful true tales from the Old Sensei Prof. Gary Lee. believes in the preservation and protection of our American Martial Arts History and the men and women who brought us to where we are today. We would like to personally invite you to come and check out the Museum of Sport Karate and see how you can help us with this great effort.
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