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Paul Chen Practical Elite Katana
Paul Chen

SH6000KPC - Paul Chen Practical Elite Katana
Retail price: $279.00
Your price: $209.95

The Katana Swords in the Elite Series embody a careful blend of form and function. As in the Classic Series, the swords have an upgraded standard of blade polish and other refinements in detail while changes in blade design have been introduced to enhance cutting performance.

Paul Chen Practical Katana Swords have always been at the forefront of providing economical yet functional swords to the martial arts community. Now with the blade geometries and profiles of the performance series and the affordability of the Practical fittings, competition-standard cutting is within the reach of the tightest budget.

Paul Chen Practical Katana Elite Sword Features:

  • Practical Katana Sword with new blade geometry and greater cutting performance

  • Hand forged high carbon steel blade

  • Clay tempered - Prominent hamon

  • Cotton tsuka ito over faux rayskin

  • Black lacquered saya

  • Built for competition cutting

  • Fully Functional

  • Black sword bag supplied


Blade: 27"

Handle: 11"

Overall: 39"

Weight: 2Lbs 7oz


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