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Paul Chen Moroha Zukuri Katana
Hanwei Paul Chen

SH2413- Paul Chen Moroha Zukuri Katana
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Forged in the Kissaki Moro-Ha Zukuri style, the blade design of the Paul Chen Moroha Zukuri Katana is based on a Tachi blade believed to have been forged around 800 AD by the smith Amakuni, though many similar blades have been produced in later Japanese history. The style is seen as a link between the old Ken straight swords and the curved Tachi (and later Katana).

The Moroha Zukuri style is unusual in having a back edge on the top half of the blade, with fullers starting where this edge finishes and continuing to the hilt. Hanwei Paul Chen has deliberately left this edge unsharpened for the benefit of Iaido practitioners used to working with more conventional blade styles. With a blade length of just 26 3/8”, this sword is very quick and is ideal for multiple cuts in light targets.

Paul Chen Moroha Zukuri Katana Features:

  • Blade -Forged from 5160 high-carbon steel, mar quenched to an edge hardness of 57HRc.

  • Tang (Nakago) -Full length, double pegged.

  • Ferrule (Habaki) –Brass

  • Handle (Tsuka) -Wood core, genuine rayskin (Same), special non-stretch suede wrap (Tsuka- ito) for firm grip and wear resistance.

  • Raptor feathers hilt ornaments (Menuki).

  • Guard (Tsuba) -Traditional blackened iron, Raptor motif.

  • Fitting (Fuchi/Kashira) -Blackened steel, Raptor motif.

  • Scabbard (Saya) -Wood, non-fingerprinting textured lacquer finish.


Overall length: 38 3/4", Blade length: 26 3/8", Handle length: 11 1/8", Weight: 2lb 7oz

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