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Paul Chen Paper Crane Wakizashi Sword
Hanwei Paul Chen

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The Paul Chen Paper Crane Daisho Wakizashi is without doubt one of the greatest achievements in sword making artistry yet available from Hanwei. The blade is crafted from Hanwei’s own Tamahagane steel  while the fittings reflect the atmosphere of the Japanese theater. The Wakizashi name stems from the origami (the art of paper folding) cranes that decorate the striking Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira, all of which feature highly-prized “Nanako” or stippled backgrounds. The Menuki feature thespian masks, a symbol shared by the Japanese theater and its western counterpart. The Saya of the Wakizashi carries a Kogai. (hair pick) The Kogai is decorated with musical instruments of the theater. The Paper Crane theme is carried to the outstanding hand woven silk Sageo, the result of many hours of skilled work on a hand loom.

Paul Chen Paper Crane Wakizashi Features:

 A hand forged and folded Tamahagane Steel blade and is hand sharpened. The Paper Crane motif tsuba with Nanako (stippled background) and an incredible Hada and prominent hamon. It has a black lacquered saya which houses a Kogai and it has a hand woven silk sageo. This is one of the highest quality swords ever produced and it is fully functional. This is a definite MUST to add to your collection and right now we have them priced at over 10% off the regular price and if you sign up to become a Samurai Supply Member on the home page, you can take an extra 7% off of that! Order now and take advantage of this great deal! You can even use Paypal and know your payment is being sent securely.


Blade: 18 ¾” Tsuka: 6 ½” Overall: 26 ½” Weight: 1lb10oz


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