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Musashi No Shana Anime Sword

SF6247 - Musashi No Shana Anime Sword
Retail price: $89.99
Your price: $59.99

This Musashi No Shana Anime Sword is inspired by the anime series. This Samurai Sword is a very limited production. The blade is high carbon steel, with a very tight Ito (cord wrap), and copper Tsuba (guard). This Katana Sword is fully functional in every sense and it is a very sharp, full tang, Battle Ready sword. The full tang blade extends to the end of the hardwood Tsuka (handle). The wooden Saya (scabbard) includes a high gloss finish, nylon cloth, and metal Kurigata fittings. Take hold of your fantasy with this highly sought after Samurai Sword and add it to your collection today!

Musashi No Shana Anime Sword Features: Sharpened carbon steel blade, full tang, blackened copper guard, cotton and rayskin wrapped handle, double pegged, black lacquered wood Saya (scabbard), can be completely disassembled for maintenance or for display purposes,
fully functional, includes Musashi retail display box, made by Musashi Swords,
great for anime fans.

Measurements: Blade: 27", handle: 11", overall: 39", weight: 2.2 Lbs


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