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Ryumon Swords Article


When I first started doing a wee bit of research on Ryumon I came across a wide variety of information. Some information was relevant, and a lot had nothing to do with the Ryumon swords whatsoever. But nonetheless, I found it fun. When writing any article or review I usually like to begin by researching the meaning of a name, or the meaning of the subject I am speaking about.

In this case I am discussing Ryumon. Now, I had to do some real digging but managed to find what I was looking for. The word Ryumon translates to erudite, or reputable. I found this quite fitting as the people at Ryumon have really distinguished themselves, and made a good name for themselves in the sword community. Ryumon as you may or may not know are part of a group of brands that also includes the Masahiro collection who source all of their swords from several master forges.

The  Ryumon Swords line has brought us several beautiful pieces that compare with a lot of other well know names out there. But the Ryumon line has tried to stick to a solid quality of craftsmanship as best as they can. Amongst the competition, Ryumon is considered to be in the intermediate level by samurai sword collectors. Intermediate is respectable in my opinion. You get good quality for what you pay for, and you get something unique which is always a bonus.

During the periods of Warring States (770-476 B.C.), a famous sword maker named Ou Yezi created the most renowned sword in Longquan. Since then, the secret arts of crafting swords have been passed down from generation to generation. Ryumon is part of this continuing history as it is among Chinas premier sword forging smiths, located in Longquan which has been known for more than 2600 years as the City Of Treasure Sword, and has been credited for making some of the best swords in the world. It is located within the border of South Zhejiang, China under the Fengyang Mountain. 

Longquan is rich in all the resources that are needed for crafting their signature swords. Ryumon master sword smiths still use the hundreds of years of traditional sword making from the city and along with their modern sword making knowledge, produce quality hand forged and folded, full tang samurai swords that are made of tough, medium or high quality carbon sharpened steel. Each Ryumon Sword is fully functional and battle ready and can be used in both full contact sparring matches as well as training without any fear of the damages that can occur with other inexpensive samurai swords. Almost all of the Ryumon swords come with a Ryumon signature box, sword bag, and maintenance kit. This is a lot for your money which I really like.

So all in all the Ryumon Swords line has a good foundation of knowledge and experience that is poured into each and every samurai sword that comes from the forge. We look forward to the future products that the Ryumon line is going to bring us.  Check out our Ryumon Swords and add one to your collection now!

We here at Samurai Supply hope that you have enjoyed this bit of information about Ryumon Swords and we look forward to your thoughts and comments and would like to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected] or you can call 1-888-251-8246.


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