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Musashi Rose Blossom Katana

The vibrant colors of flowers call our attention to them many times without fail. In spring when the snow has melted who among us can behold the beauty of the first blossoms and not smile? Children will pick flowers for their mothers, fathers will put flowers in the hair of their daughters, and young men will often take the risk of gifting a flower to a young woman who has caught their eye and captivated their heart.

It is amazing that so simple a thing could attract such attention. After all, a flower does not try to be beautiful. It simply is by nature of existing. In much the same way, true Samurai were said to be the way they were without effort. While there were many who lived and died as members of the Samurai class, what many might refer to as true Samurai possessed a natural charisma, just like a flower. In fact, flower arranging was a practice learned by many Samurai, particularly after the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate when Samurai found themselves living in a time of newfound peace. The Samurai found new devotion to practices of culture and philosophy to help occupy their time and allow them to still be of service and value when their swords did not need to be drawn.

These were the Samurai of virtue, those who remembered that the word Samurai means, �One who serves.� There are many stories of Samurai who abused the power that came with their status without taking their roles seriously, but again, there are those legendary names that will never lose their luster.

Among the world of flowers, the rose is one which, in the western world, is written about quite frequently. It is like a queen among flowers, a symbol used for hundreds of years to represent the very pinnacle of beauty. In Japan, as well, the rose is a beautiful flower used frequently in flower arranging.

Every rose has thorns, this is simply a fact. However, the rose of the Musashi Sword Line is, aptly named, the Musashi Rose Blossom Katana Sword. When looking at the subtle beauty of a traditional style katana without elaborate and intricate ornamentation, a collector is not left wanting. While such lavish ornamentation can be appreciated and applauded, there are some swords that do not fail in their beauty and by nature of existing, they are beautiful.

The Musashi Rose Blossom Katana sword is hand forged and fully functional, perhaps making this rose almost all thorn while still retaining the beauty of a petal. The gold plated copper tsuba artwork, for which most katana models are named, depicts rose blossoms on a vine. The dark blue saya is well lacquered and works well with the copper and brass furnishings to add to the overall subtle aesthetic appeal to this sword.

For more information on the Musashi Rose Blossom Katana sword, visit or read the Sword Articles. Musashi Swords are a wonderful addition to anyone�s collection, combining functionality and authentic sword making styles with economical pricing to bring customers a blade they can appreciate without breaking the bank. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to [email protected].

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