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Musashi Elite Katana

There is no such thing as the mythic Samurai Swordsman who never loses, the swordsman so skilled that no man would dare approach him for fear of losing their head. Such a figure is the work of cinematic deception found in pop culture films from American and Japanese film makers alike.

It is a good thing that I am writing this rather than giving a public speech. I don�t think I could have said all of that with a straight face. There is at least one swordsman whose life and skill have become legend, and who�s name will never be forgotten. Miyamoto Musashi. Arguably, he was the greatest swordsman in Japanese history, perhaps even in the world. He lost one duel in his early life, and vowed never to lose again, a promise he kept. He fought over 60 duels and never lost, though he once came to a tie.

His dueling style was unlike anything that the Samurai of his time had seen before. Being taller than most in his day, Miyamoto likewise required a longer sword than most. He did not fight with this sword alone, however. A Samurai typically carried two swords worn on the waist at any given time, a practice put into law by the Tokugawa Shogunate. The two swords were the long sword, or katana, and the short sword, or wakazashi. Miyamoto fought with both swords, one in each hand, simultaneously. To be able to do this adequately takes a great deal of skill, let alone doing it with the proficiency that has earned Musashi�s place in the annals of history.

Musashi himself actually fought against Tokugawa and his army at the Battle of Sekigahara, choosing instead to side with the army of Ishida Mitsunari. Though Musashi�s personal achievements during this battle were great, the Ishida Army lost, resulting in the establishment of the Tokugawa regime.

Years later, Miyamoto Musashi defeated another legendary swordsman of the era named Sasaki Kojiro. What�s more, Miyamoto used only one sword in this duel; a sword he carved out of a boat oar while on his way to the island where the duel was to be held. The fight lasted mere moments and resulted in Kojiro�s death.

It is said that Musashi became somewhat disgusted with killing men in duels, and would do whatever it took to avoid being challenged in the first place. It is rumored that he actually stopped bathing and wore the same dirty clothes for weeks or months at a time, resulting in a stomach-churning stench that would keep would-be challengers from even wanting to approach him, let alone fight him.

Musashi�s book, the Book of Five Rings, gives instructions to young swordsmen seeking to hone their skills both in battle and in individual dueling. The book has been adapted to business practices by companies around the world, and is seen as a corporate success tool. Whether Miyamoto would approve or not, who can say for sure.

What I can say is that Musashi Swords is a company which produces swords from their forge in China, and their swords often feature the two-ring iron tsuba design which was actually on Miyamoto�s personal blades. For the company to name themselves after such a legendary swordsman is a bold claim, but one which is not all talk. Musashi Swords offers many blades at economical prices, allowing people in our day and age who are suffering side-effects from the global economy to still collect swords without spending too much. In fact, their basic katana is offered for a mere $50.

However, for the collector who wants a Musashi Sword that is truly worthy of holding the name of a mythic swordsman, the Musashi Elite Samurai Sword is a higher end blade that commands respect. The two-ring tsuba is done in an oxidized copper, giving it that aged and legendary appearance. The blade is hand forged from carbon steel and clay tempered, resulting in a hamon, or temper line, which is natural and beautiful. To clarify, the hamon is a part of the blade which must be examined with discrimination by the die-hard collector, since many low end swords feature a hamon which is wire-brushed. Musashi Swords offers low end swords with such a temper line, but the elite hamon is genuine and prominent.

The Musashi Elite Samurai Sword is simply beautiful. I�ll admit, my personal preference is toward a blade that doesn�t have a lot of artwork or gold-clad furnishings. That means that while many would claim this sword to be beautiful simply to try and make a sales pitch, I truly believe it to be a worthy addition to any collection. It is fully functional. After all, Miyamoto would have it no other way if he were around to give his two cents worth.

Every sword should tell a story. This one tells a legend.

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