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On the market today we have a decent selection of Assemble Yourself Katana Swords from a few manufacturers, including Masahiro, Musashi, and Kawashima. The whole concept behind the Assemble Yourself Katana is in my opinion a great idea.

For starters, it gives the owner a deeper appreciation for what goes into making the actual sword as you can visually check all the components of the Samurai Sword before it is assembled. Secondly, it is a great way for one to become knowledgeable in Samurai Sword Terminology especially if you are just starting to collect Samurai Swords, or beginning to train with swords. The instructions for assembling the sword have a few of the basic terms used with Samurai Swords that you will find useful.  

One Assemble Yourself Katana Sword kit that I would like to mention in particular, for several reasons is the Masahiro Assemble Yourself Katana Sword. First of all, it is under $100. Second, it has a few nice little extras that come with it. For instance, the kit comes with a premium cleaning kit, sword bag and two tsubas. Third, the quality that you get with the Masahiro Assemble Yourself is great. For an assemble yourself, the blade is actually quite sharp. The Hada (grain), and Hamon (temper line), are very distinguished and show beautifully. You get a good idea from looking at the blade that it is of a good quality and will stand up to abuse should it see any. It is also a full tang, and is double pegged. The tang has a Mei (signature) on it that tells you who built the blade. The saya has a decent finish. It is a one coat lacquer over the color. It can easily be re-finished if you choose to bring it up to a better quality. However, it does look fine the way it is. The way the saya fits however, is as though it grew on the sword. It fits perfectly. When the Katana Sword is assembled, all the components fit together very tight and secure. Of course, there are a few minor imperfections, which are to be expected, however overall it has a lot of bang for your buck. The sword is very nicely finished, well balanced, and has a great weight.

Even the box that the Masahiro Assemble Yourself Katana Sword comes in doubles as a handy carry case. The box has a lot of very unique pictures of dragons and fighting samurai warriors. The inside of the box has a nice golden yellow fabric that gives the Samurai Sword a very rich look. As mentioned you can use the box as a carry case as it has a strong plastic handle on the box. Due to the finishing inside the box you could even use it to display the sword.  Did I mention that the Masahiro Assemble Yourself comes in four different color saya? Like I said, it is a great sword.

Now, how does purchasing an Assemble Yourself Katana Sword classify as making your own training sword? Simply put, the Assemble Yourself Katana Swords are great Samurai Swords for Tameshigiri or general cutting practices. The fact that you put the sword together yourself and have the option to change all the furniture, makes it a Samurai Sword that you can customize to your own taste, and be proud that you put it together. The Assemble Yourself Swords give you a real personal involvement with the sword. You gain a lot from something as simple as putting together pieces that are there just ready for you. It is therefore, in my opinion, that you are making your own training sword. There is nothing like putting together your own Samurai Sword, and beginning, or carrying on with your training. Get yours today and experience it for yourself! 

Check out our Assemble Yourself Katana Swords and make your own training sword today! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Click here to see our video on the Masahiro Assemble Yourself Katana Sword

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