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Thaitsuki Isamashii Wakizashi Sword

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The Thaitsuki Japanese Samurai Katana Series keep true to the samurai code, "To strive for perfection". All Katanas produced by the family run Thaitsuki Forge are all handmade with the highest standards and attention to detail. All of our sword craftsmen and artisans have served for years in apprenticeship under the master sword smith, Mr. Sivarat and each Katana Sword is made following the same traditional methods.  

Great attention is paid to the sword, from the perfectly wrapped Ito, to the handmade Kashira, Menuki, Tsuba and Fuchi. The Habaki, Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira are handmade from quality silver. The Tsuka is skillfully wrapped with only the leather or silk and only genuine Ray skin is used. The Saya is crafted from hard wood then carefully lacquered and the Koiguchi is made from genuine black horn. The blade is hand forged from only the best High Carbon - Japanese Steel and perfectly balanced.

Each Japanese Katana Sword comes with its own individual serial number and certificate from Thaitsuki Nihonto so you can trace it back to when and by whom it was made. Each Katana Sword is handmade and the fittings are handcrafted so no one Katana Sword will be ever be exactly alike. Each katana is a one of a kind work of art and waiting to become a part of your collection.

Isamashii Wakizashi Features:

A black gloss saya, a buffalo horn Koiguchi black silk tsuka � ito, brass fuchi kashira, silver menuki and a brass tsuba in an antique style. This sword is extremely sharp as it is a fully functional sword and it can be completely disassembled for full maintenance which is recommended to keep your sword in top condition.

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