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Ryumon Golden Sakura Folded Katana Sword

RY3039R - Ryumon Golden Sakura Folded Katana
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This amazing Ryumon Golden Sakura Folded Samurai Sword comes from the Longquan forge in China, where they have been known for making the best swords in the world. Longquan is rich in resources that are perfect for making exceptional Folded Samurai Swords which we are able to bring to you!

Ryumon Golden Sakura Folded Samurai Sword Features:

Hand Forged and folded AISI 1060 Carbon Steel blade - 45Rc (Shinogi-Ji) 58 Rc (Ha) (Sharpened by Master Sword Smiths), iron tsuba, and furniture, saya is hand lacquered golden brown with cherry blossom insets, tsuka is wrapped in authentic same rayskinito is of high quality Japanese cotton, cleaning kit, high quality sword bag, reference guide which details sword care and maintenance, and Certificate of Authenticity which is affixed on a beautiful silk scroll. Certificate verifies Swordmakers name, Rc hardness, blade and sword measurements, date of start and completion for sword, and is certified by a master sword maker and his years of experience


Blade Length: 28" Tsuka Length: 10 ½" Overall Length: 40" Weight: 3.1lbs

This Ryumon Sword is on sale for over 35% off the regular price and qualifies for a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!  Purchase this sword now and get an amazing sale price and peace of mind knowing that stands 100% behind their products!

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