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Thaitsuki Kumori Katana Sword

KTN4 - Thaitsuki Kumori Katana Sword
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The Kumori Katana Japanese Katana Sword (KTN4) is specially handmade and forged in the Yamato Nihonto tradition, which is considered to be the oldest tradition in Japanese sword making. This forging method and premium quality, high carbon Japanese steel makes it an extremely sharp, durable and flexible blade with bo-hi (groove).

The Kumori Katana Sword features a Japanese golden brown silk Tsuka Ito and 95% handmade silver Koshirae. The Kumori Japanese Katana Sword can be completely disassembled for full maintenance. This beautiful work of art is a fully functional Japanese Katana Sword, not a replica so it must be maintained and cared for accordingly.

Thaitsuki Kumori Katana Sword Features:

A hand forged carbon steel blade, which is hand sharpened and is differentially tempered (HRC 33-60). It has a hand crafted brass tsuba and a silver habaki, silver menuki, fuchi and kashira with a dragon motif. It has a golden brown Japanese silk and high qulity black rayskin wrapped tsuka. This Thaitsuki Sword has a black lacquered saya and a buffalo horn koiguchi and kurikata. This is a great sword to collect and pass down for generations. Purchase yours today and start a piece of history for generations to come!


Blade: 28"  Tsuka: 11� Overall: 40� Weight: 2.66lbs


This sword is on sale for 30% off the regular price and qualifies for a 30 day money back guarantee!  Please see our Store Policies for full details.  Purchase this sword now and get a great sale price and peace of mind knowing we stand behind our products!


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