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Bokken Swords For Training


Quite a few of you sword buffs out there know the benefits of obtaining a quality Bokken Sword, especially one such as the Black Foam Bokken Sword.  The Bokken Swords have many dynamic uses whether you are beginning your sword training, novice swordsman, or even a master swordsman.  It is a great tool to harness your sword skills, forms, and  even aiming.  The best thing about them is that you can practice without any danger to you, or a sparring mate.  With the Black Foam Bokken Sword, you are able to really get into sword play safely.  Some of the interesting features of this particular Bokken include a hard wooden core with soft foam outside, a plastic guard and a rubber end cap.  Thus, making it completely safe to practice your maneuvers, tactics and precision striking.

Some Bokken Swords are actually quite amazing in their workmanship.  Take for instance the Black Dragon Wakazashi Bokken.  It has a beautiful dragon carved into the blade of the sword.  With black wood, the dragon really pops out at you.  It can even serve as a simple decoration piece that definitely will turn peoples heads.

For me personally, I like the idea that I can practice to my hearts content with a Bokken and not worry about damaging any of my expensive swords.  The last thing any of us want is to do any damage to our swords.  Let's face it, we pay good money for a lot of these swords and we take pride in them.  I love the fact that I can practice my swordsmanship with a partner which gives you a real feel for what an actual battle would be like and like I said before you can do it without the worry of hurting yourself or anyone else.  I have used the Black Foam Bokken Sword quite a lot and am impressed by its durability.  I have noticed a big difference in my ability to really control my movements with an actual functional sword and find that I handle my swords with a lot more confidence.  Before I started using a Bokken, I practiced as much as I could with my good swords and kept upsetting myself as I would get upset if I knicked, or even made a tiny scratch anywhere on my sword.  After practicing with a Bokken for awhile, I found that I was a lot more precise in the way I struck any of my targets or even when I was exercising my Tameshigiri skills.

Overall, I would just like to say that I think the Bokken Swords are a great tool that I can help to keep my swordmanship skills honed in.  Take a look at our Bokken Swords and take a closer look at our Black Foam Bokken Sword and see if this is the right sword for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information!


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